Award-Winning Fried Lobster from Noble Fin

Many ITP establishments tout the best seafood specialities, but Noble Fin just brought home the "Best Taste- Friday" trophy of Taste of Atlanta for their Crispy Tamarind Glazed Lobster!

Best Taste Lives Up to The Hype!

Simon's Restaurant in Midtown has been open less than a year and already has a big-time trophy under their belt. The restaurant won "Best Taste" of Sunday at Taste of Atlanta on Sunday, October 21st.

Beautiful Dishes at The White Bull

We're thrilled The White Bull will be at Taste of Atlanta this weekend! Decatur Square's newest restaurant addition creates dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. Chef/Owner Pat Pascarella purchased The White Bull's space a little over a year ago and has seen the restaurant rise in the ranks to one of Atlanta's best.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Eating NaanStop

NaanStop will be at Taste of Atlanta next weekend! This delicious fast-casual Indian restaurant uses fresh ingredients and prepares each dish from scratch. That's probably why the lines are always out the door to get your hands on their most popular dishes. NaanStop's samosa has won "Atlanta's Best Savory Pastry" since 2014.

Atlanta Just Got Batter!

Edible cookie dough that looks as good as it tastes- you Batter believe it! This Ponce City Market food stall opened almost a year ago and has been attracting crowds from near and far.

Paschal's Real Deal Southern Soul Food

Paschal's is an Atlanta institution that has been serving real deal soul food since 1947. Chances are, you've tasted Paschal's or someone you know has raved about their fried chicken, mac n cheese, collard greens and peach cobbler among other menu items. We're thrilled Paschal's will be back at Taste of Atlanta this year serving the classics.

Atlanta's New Burger Baron: Bareburger

Burgers, brews and some incredibly addicting Brussels Sprouts are all on the Bareburger menu and let's just say- we're here for it! This new Midtown restaurant is great for a quick bite or a chill dinner out. We're thrilled Bareburger will be participating in Taste of Atlanta 2018!

Summer Sizzlin' at Seven Lamps

Everything you find on Seven Lamps menu is equal parts creative and satisfying. Taste this unique Atlanta gem any day of the week or buy your ticket to taste at Taste of Atlanta! The restaurant is on board for 2018 and we want you there too!

3 Fan Favorites from Bhojanic

Bhojanic is bursting with flavors that are some parts traditional and other parts out-of-the box and modern. One of Bhojanic's featured specialty dishes is Chili Mango Wings and this creative combination will be coming back for another year for Southern Wing Showdown. Tickets are NOW on sale- read more about our event and buy tickets here:

Top Political Hangout: Shillings on The Square

If you're into oversized cheeseburgers, Reuben sandwiches, premium cut filet mignon and an Atlanta restaurant that has been in the game over 40 years, you've got to try Shillings on the Square! This restaurant just won the 2018 "Top Political Hangout" by James Magazine, so don't be surprised if you see some political figures sitting at a neighboring table. We're giving you a top 3 on ordering essentials, so you can get right to the eating next time you venture to Marietta Square.

Sandy Springs' First Food Hall- Crafthall Kitchen

Sandy Springs' first food hall is now open! Crafthall Kitchen is a 4-in-1 restaurant with distinctly different menus for each stall. Two of the bowls we tasted from Bowl Cookhouse will be served sample-size at Food That Rocks this Saturday, June 9th. Limited tickets are still available- read more about our event and buy tickets here:

2 Must-Try Menu Items at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe is bringing some fresh flavors to Sandy Springs! This fast-casual spot focuses on a variety of Mediterranean- spiced dishes and devotes a lot of time and energy to helping the surrounding community. Try out Taziki's before Food That Rocks, or save your appetite for a night full of food and fun. Taste more than 25 Sandy Springs restaurants at Food That Rocks 2018! Tickets are NOW on sale- read more about our event and buy tickets here:

Mandolin Kitchen: A Taste of Turkish Cuisine

Grilled meats, vegetables and spicy peppers are all on the menu at Mandolin Kitchen. This gem of Sandy Springs will be serving the best tastes of Mandolin Kitchen at Food That Rocks, Saturday, June 9th. Discover the most popular dishes ordered at Mandolin and get a sneak preview before the big event.

Navigate the Kale Me Crazy Menu

The most colorful menu in Sandy Springs may likely be Kale Me Crazy's. From smoothies to salads, juice shots to grain bowls, every fruit, vegetable and delicious ingredient has a place on the menu. The restaurant is on board for Food That Rocks 2018 and will bring some of these incredible dishes to the event as well. Food That Rocks tickets are NOW on sale, buy yours today on!

Steakhouse in The Suburbs

Steak may steal the show at Kaiser's Chophouse, but the appetizers will make your meal complete. This restaurant is the collaborative effort of 2 of Atlanta's most renowned chefs: Peter Kaiser and Kevin Rathbun. The restaurant opened a little less than a year ago and has taken Sandy Springs by storm.

3 Real Deal Italian Dishes to Order at il Giallo

Comfort food comes in all shapes and forms, but in the case of a meal at il Giallo, the shape is pasta and the form is Italian. Look through a couple of our favorite dishes for a preview of your next meal at il Giallo.

Chill Out at Hammock's Trading Company

As we move into March, the weather is warming up and so are the dishes coming out of Hammock's Trading Company kitchen. Preview a few of our favorite dishes from the restaurant, then take yourself to Hammock's to enjoy one of these delicious meals.

New BBQ in Brookhaven

Where there's smoke, there's cue and in this case, there's a lot of it at Dixie Q in Brookhaven! Right off the main drag of Dresden Drive, Scott Serpas' newest restaurant and the menu showcases his creativity as well as respect for the tradition of barbeque.

4 Great Dishes to Order at Stockyard & Taqueria Tsunami

Sandy Springs has 2 new restaurant additions making a splash in the culinary community! Take a look at Taste of Atlanta's favorite dishes from Stockyard & Taqueria Tsunami.

Long Drink Is Your New Drink

The Long Drink is a lightly carbonated beverage with unique tastes of natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors with gin, which is produced here in the USA. You can now find Long Drink in major cities all over Georgia at your local package store, bar, or restaurant. Long Drink will also be at Taste of Atlanta next weekend, October 19th- 21st, serving up this refreshing canned gin drink.

Beachy Drinks + Can't Miss Caribbean Food

Need a Caribbean escape but don't have time for a vacation? Drive over to Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe and take a break from the high-intensity city life. Chef Rob's keeps reggae music streaming and rum drinks on deck to provide some beachy contrast to your day. The food Chef Rob serves is authentic and covers all the Caribbean- cuisine basics: from Jerk Chicken to Oxtail, Curry Goat to Ackee & Saltfish. This restaurant has been serving the Sandy Springs community since 2006 and has developed quite a following for this flavorful, fresh and funky menu.

Taste of Atlanta 2018- Know Before You Go

Know before you go to Taste of Atlanta 2018!

Wine Not? Buy Your Tickets to Best Somm Competition Today!

Watch as some of Atlanta’s top Sommeliers go head-to-head to contend for the title of Atlanta's Best Somm. Presented in partnership with Southeast Sommelier Society, the Best Somm competition will consist of a 3-part competition – service, theory and blind tasting.

November Is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month!

November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and each year peanut butter lovers from near and far celebrate their admiration for America’s favorite nut butter.

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